Alex Madsen

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Welding fumes from a wide variety of processes and applications were assayed for toxicity with BHK21 cell line and SHE primary cells in culture. The most toxic fumes are those from the manual metal arc welding of stainless steel (MMA/SS) (LD50 = 7-14 microgram/ml), although all other welding fumes tested are toxic, with potencies lower by a factor of(More)
The phase changes that occur during discharge of an electrode comprised of LiFePO4, carbon, and PTFE binder have been studied in lithium half cells by using X-ray diffraction measurements in reflection geometry. Differences in the state of charge between the front and the back of LiFePO4 electrodes have been visualized. By modifying the X-ray incident angle(More)
Synthesis under hydrofluorothermal conditions produces new iron, manganese and vanadium fluorosulfates; these include the isomorphous Na(3)M(III)F(2)(SO(4))(2), M = V, Mn, Fe, with a sheet-like structure formed of linked M(III)F(2)O(4) and SO(4) polyhedra separated by sodium ions which may be extracted electrochemically at potentials of >3.5 V.
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