Alex Maclean

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A wealth of data can be extracted from the natural byproducts of software development processes and used in empirical studies of software engineering. However, the size and accuracy of such studies depend in large part on the availability of tools that facilitate the collection of data from individual projects and the combination of data from multiple(More)
BACKGROUND Significant controversy remains over how urgently coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) should be scheduled, particularly for patients with stenosis of the left main coronary artery. Our main objective was to evaluate the safety of waiting for CABG among patients with left main coronary artery disease using a standardized triage system. (More)
Herein, we present the crystal structure, NMR J analysis, and conformational and natural bond order analyses of tricyclic oxocane (1), resulting in the discovery of a long-range Perlin effect at C4 and C5. The normal Perlin effect (NPE) of Δ(1)JC-H = 18.38 Hz at C5 is the largest to date for a nonanomeric methylene due to an unprecedented through-space n →(More)
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