Alex M Westcombe

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BACKGROUND Most patients with breast cancer are detected after symptoms occur rather than through screening. The impact on survival of delays between the onset of symptoms and the start of treatment is controversial and cannot be studied in randomised controlled trials. We did a systematic review of observational studies (worldwide) of duration of symptoms(More)
BACKGROUND Delayed presentation of symptomatic breast cancer is associated with lower survival. Understanding of the factors that influence delay is important for the development of strategies to shorten delays. We did a systematic review to assess the quality and strength of evidence on risk factors for delays by patients and providers. METHODS We(More)
PURPOSE To test the effectiveness of supplementing usual supportive care with aromatherapy massage in the management of anxiety and depression in cancer patients through a pragmatic two-arm randomized controlled trial in four United Kingdom cancer centers and a hospice. PATIENTS AND METHODS Two hundred eighty-eight cancer patients, referred to(More)
PURPOSE To examine advanced breast cancer patients' perceptions of the key decision-making consultation for palliative chemotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred two women with advanced breast cancer, who were offered palliative chemotherapy, participated in a study-specific semistructured interview examining perceptions of the information they had(More)
Aromatherapy massage is used in cancer palliative care to improve quality of life but there is little evidence for its effectiveness. A large pragmatic multicentre randomized controlled trial was set up to examine the effectiveness of aromatherapy in improving psychological distress and quality of life in patients with cancer. This paper examines the(More)
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