Alex M. Griffiths

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There is substantial evidence that genetic variation, at both the level of the individual and population, has a significant effect on behaviour, fitness and response to toxicants. Using DNA microsatellites, we examined the genetic variation in samples of several commonly used laboratory strains of zebrafish, Danio rerio, a model species in toxicological(More)
The clinical features of Crohn's disease manifest during adolescence are varied as in adults. The potential complication of growth impairment and concomitant delay in pubertal development is unique to this population. Cytokines released from the inflamed bowel and chronic nutritional insufficiency are the major factors in the pathophysiology of growth(More)
Two cases of patients with Crohn's-like colitis and glycogen storage disease Ib have been reported previously. In the current report, chronic inflammatory bowel disease that developed in another adolescent with this glycogenosis is described, thereby corroborating the association. The neutrophil dysfunction observed in glycogen storage disease Ib is the(More)
BACKGROUND Any disease and its treatment has an important impact on health-related quality of life for affected individuals. There have been few previous studies on the quality of life for children with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). METHODS A cross-cultural comparison was performed to determine whether the concerns of children with IBD in the United(More)
Marine carbonate chemistry measurements have been carried out annually since 2009 during UK research cruises along the Extended Ellett Line (EEL), a hydrographic transect in the northeast Atlantic Ocean. The EEL intersects several water masses that are key to the global thermohaline circulation, and therefore the cruises sample a region inwhich it is(More)
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