Alex Lupu

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Renal vein renin ratios from 56 hypertensive patients who were operated upon for unilateral stenosis of a main renal artery were compared to blood pressure response to a corrective operation. In patients with renal vein renin ratios greater then 2.0, the upper limits of normal for essential hypertension (95 per cent confidence limits), the cure/improvement(More)
Carcinoma of the deep male urethra is a rare disease. Conservative measures yielding dismal outcomes were standard until 1957, with the report of an 80 per cent five-year survival rate after radical surgery. To assess the value of this surgery, we reviewed all cases of carcinoma of the deep male urethra managed at UCLA Medical Center and its affiliated(More)
A patient with spontaneous ureteral rupture in the absence of obstruction or calculus disease is presented. In addition to ureteral rupture this patient also had a penile squamous cell carcinoma and infected inguinal lymph nodes. A review of the literature discloses that all reported cases with spontaneous rupture of the ureter had an underlying process(More)
Chronic hypertension caused by unilateral constriction of the renal artery in the presence of the opposite untouched kidney can be produced in the dog by progressive plication of the renal artery over a period of several hours. Twentythree female dogs were studied. Mean arterial blood pressure was measured in the unanesthetized recumbent dog by direct(More)
The acute and intermediate onset phases of one-clip, two-kidney hypertension were studied in six conscious dogs. Mean arterial pressure (MAP), cardiac output (CO), total peripheral resistance (TPR), serum renin concentration (SRC), plasma aldosterone (PA) and cumulative sodium and water balance were studied prior to unilateral renal artery constriction, at(More)
A frequency distribution curve and interval percentages of variations in right versus left renal vein renin (RVR) were calculated from 227 sets of renin data from patients with mild and moderate essential hypertension (EH). A renal vein renin ratio (RVRR), large/small, of approximately 2.0 or more falls beyond the 95 per cent confidence interval, and may(More)