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Something for everyone: a ritualistic interpretation of Bronze Age burnt mounds from an ethnographic perspective
Burnt mounds are among the most enigmatic archaeological features found across the British Isles. This paper provides an overview of current theories regarding their use, drawing on ethnographicExpand
Kušû – Crocodile after all?
The development of the justice system in Ancient Egypt from the Old to the Middle Kingdom
Primary Funders: Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) - Cambridge Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) (Grant Reference Number AH/L503897/1); Robinson College Lewis Scholarship AdditionalExpand
May my nose and ears be cut off: Practical and “supra-practical” Aspects of Mutilation in the Egyptian New Kingdom
For funding the main research, my thanks go to the Master and Fellows of St John’s College, Cambridge, who provided a Benefactors Research Scholarship. For funding subsequent refinements and theExpand
An “Egyptianising” Underworld Judging an Assyrian Prince? New Perspectives on VAT 10057
Abstract This article makes the case for an Egyptian connection in the Neo-Assyrian tablet VAT 10057, commonly known as the Underworld Vision of an Assyrian Prince. It opens with a discussion of pastExpand
An “Egyptianising” Underworld Judging an Assyrian Prince? New Perspectives on VAT 10057
Introduction: past scholarship and summary of content This paper offers some new perspectives on VAT 10057, also known as The Underworld Vision of an Assyrian Prince: a composition often regarded asExpand
Thoughts towards a new hypothesis for understanding the legal text in Ol 12073
This contribution offers some new thoughts on the Twentieth Dynasty legal actions described in Chicago Ostracon OI 12073. Particular attention is drawn to how the matter was ultimately resolved afterExpand
A well-oiled future: Recreating Babylonian oil divination
This paper looks at arguably the most ancient documented form of fortune-telling: Old Babylonian oil divination. The principle aim is to raise awareness of a much under-studied element in the ancientExpand