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The role of species diversity on ecosystem resistance in the face of strong environmental fluctuations has been addressed from both theoretical and experimental viewpoints to reveal a variety of positive and negative relationships. Here we explore empirically the relationship between the richness of forest woody species and canopy resistance to extreme(More)
Earth observation at regional scales, such as of the Iberian Peninsula or Mediterranean Basin, is an important tool to understand the relationships between climate and surface properties. Among the different layers of information that can be derived from satellite imagery, land cover maps are important by themselves and as an aid to infer other variables.(More)
We have successfully fabricated niobium diffusioncooled hot-electron bolometer (HEB) mixers on membranes of silicon nitride less than one micron thick. This advance has allowed us to construct a 1x5 HEB receiver array intended for operation at 1.45 THz. This article provides an overview of the integration of the HEB array chip with silicon micromachined(More)
The extraordinarily warm and dry summer experienced in SW Europe in 2003 provides an interesting case study for the analysis of the response of regional-scale vegetation variables to drier and hotter conditions. SW Europe includes a boundary between phytogeographic and climatic regions (Oceanic and Mediterranean) that differ in terms of summer(More)
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