Alex Lechleuthner

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Controlled multicenter studies have demonstrated the efficacy of systemic recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator (rtPA) treatment in selected cases of acute ischemic stroke. The feasibility of this therapeutic option in clinical practice was assessed in a community-based approach. METHODS We offered rtPA treatment to stroke(More)
There are many reasons for evaluation of an emergency care system, such as expenses (1.035 Bio. DM in 1985) and quality control. From January 1, 1987 to December 31, 1987 information on all patients seen by an emergency physician in the field have been recorded prospectively in a standard form by the Cologne emergency medical services. Cologne has 1,000,000(More)
Collapsed buildings are one of the most complex challenges for rescue forces. The large amount of incoming information in particular is a major challenge to handle for the involved forces. The Assessment of this information is necessary in order to be able to give reliable statements about the number of buried and missing victims. To improve the handling of(More)
Großschadensereignisse und Katastrophen stellen dieb eteiligten Akteure vor große Herausforderungen.B edingt durch Faktoren wie z.B. denK limawandel, tretend ieseE reignisse immer häufiger als länderübergreifende Ereignisse auf. Informationsaustausch undd eren Management sindf ür denE insatzerfolgv on elementarer Bedeutung. Sprachliche, semantische,(More)
Due to the increasing danger of terrorist attacks, it is necessary to determine the preventive effects of security measures installed in e.g. public transportation systems. Since, there is no common practice to determine the preventive effects; we developed two different methodologies to analyse those effects, both are suitable for the assessment of(More)
The resilience mechanisms of Critical Infrastructures (CIs) are often hard to understand due to system complexity. With rising research interest, models are developed to reduce this complexity. However, these models imply reductions and limitations. According to the level of observation, models either focus on effects in a CI system or on effects in a(More)
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