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To identify further mutations affecting muscle function and development in Drosophila melanogaster we recovered 22 autosomal dominant flightless mutations. From these we have isolated eight viable and lethal alleles of the muscle myosin heavy chain gene, and seven viable alleles of the indirect flight muscle (IFM)-specific Act88F actin gene. The Mhc(More)
A chronological study was made of the ultrastructural changes in peripheral nerves following inoculation of 1-day-old chicks with a neurogenic strain of Marek Disease virus. No virus particles were found in nerves. Cellular infiltration of nerves was detected as early as 5 days after inoculation and by 3 weeks some nerves contained proliferative lesions(More)
Necrotising fasciitis is a rare but rapidly progressive soft tissue disease which can lead to extensive necrosis, systemic sepsis and death. Including this case, only 7 other cases have been reported in the world literature with only 2 others affecting the patient post mastectomy. This 59 year old Caucasian lady presented with severe soft tissue infection(More)
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