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BACKGROUND This study aims to compare the effect of conventional corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL) with accelerated corneal collagen cross-linking in treatment of keratoconus. DESIGN A comparative interventional study was employed. PARTICIPANTS Participants were consecutive cases of progressive keratoconus receiving either conventional (3 mW/cm(2)(More)
BACKGROUND Thoracic trauma is commonly treated with tube thoracostomy. The overall complication rate associated with this procedure is up to 30% among all operators. The primary purpose of this study was to define the incidence and risk factors for complications in chest tubes placed exclusively by resident physicians. The secondary objective was to outline(More)
INTRODUCTION Elderly patients who suffer trauma have a higher mortality and use disproportionately more trauma resources than younger patients. To compare these 2 groups and determine the outcomes and characteristics of elderly patients, we reviewed patients in these 2 groups admitted and treated in our tertiary care provincial trauma centre. METHODS From(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the accuracy of the focused assessment with sonography for trauma (FAST) exam performed with a digital hand-held ultrasound machine in the emergency evaluation and resuscitation of trauma victims. INTRODUCTION The FAST exam is a valuable screening tool in the evaluation of abdominal trauma. New digital ultrasound units have recently(More)
Historically associated with glassblowers, true exfoliation of the crystalline lens involves a splitting or delamination of the capsule. We reviewed the phacoemulsification records of a single surgeon for patients with true exfoliation of the lens capsule. The incidence in our series was 2.2% (6 in 278 cases). The average age was 85.0 years. All patients(More)
Chlorpromazine is known to cause ocular pigmentary deposits. However, delayed presentation after cessation of chlorproma-zine has not been reported. There are also no reports on whether newer generation of anti-psychotic agents contribute to ocular toxicity. We describe a case of ocular toxicity related to anti-psychotic agents. To the best of our(More)
The rising success of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) therapies in ocular disease has stimulated the use of such treatments in the surgical management of pterygium. We reviewed the literature to better understand the safety and efficacy of the adjunctive role of anti-VEGF treatments for pterygium excision. Without surgery, anti-VEGF alone may(More)
To review the clinical course of adult patients with acute optic neuritis over 10 years in Hong Kong, and the results were compared with other studies among Asian and Caucasian patients. This study retrospectively analysed the clinical features of 38 adult patients (51 eyes) presented with optic neuritis in a Hong Kong hospital over 10 years (2001–2010).(More)