Alex L. Thomas

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We believe that no experimental study has yet tested Darwin's idea that, as well as generating trait elaboration, intersexual selection might sometimes drive sex-biased trait reduction. Here we present the results of two experiments exploring the negative relationship between tail length and reproductive success in male golden-headed cisticolas (Cisticola(More)
Soils in permafrost regions contain twice as much carbon as the atmosphere, and permafrost has an important influence on the natural and built environment at high northern latitudes. The response of permafrost to warming climate is uncertain and occurs on time scales longer than those assessed by direct observation. We dated periods of speleothem growth in(More)
Measurements of Pa, Th and Th concentrations have been made on five water-column profiles along the western margin of the Madagascar and Mascarene Basins in the southern Indian Ocean. These measurements help to fill a significant gap in the global coverage of water-column Th, Th and Pa data. Th concentrations vary, but generally increase with depth,(More)
The timing of sea-level change provides important constraints on the mechanisms driving Earth's climate between glacial and interglacial states. Fossil corals constrain the timing of past sea level by their suitability for dating and their growth position close to sea level. The coral-derived age for the last deglaciation is consistent with climate change(More)
Controversial federal regulations requiring universities to report 100 percent of the activities performed by faculty members encounter severe theoretical difficulties of allocation that pervade accounting and that at present are insoluble. Yet it is only natural for universities and government agencies to desire that such allocations be made. Accounting(More)
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