Alex Kotov

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The paper presents results of a software engineering experiment in which a new technology for constructing program generators from domain-specific specification languages has been compared with a reuse technology that employs sets of reusable Ada program templates. Both technologies were applied to a common problem domain, constructing message translation(More)
The Pacific Software Research Center is developing a new method to support reuse and introduce reliability into software. The method is based on design capture in domain specific design languages and automatic program generation using a reusable suite of program transformation tools. The transformation tools, and a domain specific component generator(More)
Central mechanisms of angiotensin involvement in initiation and realization of operant forms of drinking behavior were investigated. It was suggested that intracerebroventricular microinjection of angiotensin-II and angiotensin-IIl specifically affected the learned forms of drinking behavior. The experiments demonstrated that [des-Asp1]-angiotensin-I(More)
In rats with acute hypo- and hyperglycemia the initial effects of free angiotensin IV and its complexes with functionally different carrier proteins (transport protein BSA, neuron-specific protein S100b) on hemodynamics and behavior of rats were qualitatively altered, in comparison with those in intact animals. At the same time, free angiotensin IV under(More)
Experimental hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia eliminated the differences in the regulatory functions of free angiotensin II and its complexes with carrier proteins (transport protein BSA and neurospecific protein S100b) in rats. Under these conditions, free and protein-bound angiotensin II primarily suppressed operant drinking behavior and reduced the(More)
The parameters of heart rate variations were examined in emergency care doctors that demonstrated the initial signs of defensive psychological burnout syndrome related to their professional activity. These parameters were compared within each of two groups with different individual typological features. The differences in the heart rate variability(More)
We compared physiological activity of synthetic analogues of endogenous protein-peptide compounds, complexes of angiotensin II1-7 with functionally different proteins (transport protein, serum albumin; and neurospecifi c Ca2+-binding protein, S100b). Physiological activity of angiotensin II1-7 was shown to depend on the type of a carrier protein. Our(More)
Changes in blood glucose levels are paralleled by modification of normal activities of angiotensin II and angiotensin IV. Hypo- and hyperglycemia similarly reduced the hypertensive effect of angiotensin II and similarly distorted the initial hypotensive effect of angiotensin IV. Presumably, the adaptation and compensatory processes in the renin-angiotensin(More)
An observational study was carried out with student subjects from a programming class. The goal of the study was to understand the impact of diierent programming languages on the productivity of the students. Students used a language of their choice (C or SML) for the homeworks and recorded eeort expended to complete the assignments. An automated(More)
We report here a comparative analysis of the involvement of a number of components of the renin-angiotensin system in the performance of simple and complex forms of drinking behavior and thirst-associated non-drinking types of behavior. On central (intracerebroventricular) microinjection, [des-Asp1]-angiotensin I at doses equieffective to those of(More)