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This paper describes a combined power and throughput performance study of WiFi and Bluetooth usage in smartphones. The work measures the obtained throughput in various settings while employing each of these technologies, and the power consumption level associated with them. In addition, the power requirements of Bluetooth and WiFi in their respective(More)
In a mobile ad hoc network, nodes that are geographically close may need to compete for exclusive access to a shared resource. This paper proposes an abstraction of this problem, called local mutual exclusion; it is an extension to mobile networks of the dining philosophers problem, which has been well studied in static networks. The desirable feature of an(More)
Transactional Lock Elision (TLE) and optimistic software execution can both improve scalability of lock-based programs. The former uses hardware transactional memory (HTM) without requiring code changes; the latter involves modest code changes but does not require special hardware support. Numerous factors affect the choice of technique, including: critical(More)
In intensive care, decision-making is often based on trend analysis of physiological parameters. Artifact detection is a pre-requisite for interpretation of trends both for clinical and research purposes. In this study, we developed and tested three methods of artifact detection in physiological data (systolic, mean and diastolic artery and pulmonary artery(More)
OBJECTIVE Significant hypophosphatemia (SH) is common after major surgery and may be associated with considerable morbidity, including respiratory and cardiac failure. The contribution of SH to these complications after cardiac surgery is not well defined. METHODS In this prospective study, levels of serum phosphorus and other electrolytes (potassium,(More)
Even for small multi-core systems, it has become harder and harder to support a simple shared memory abstraction: processors access some memory regions more quickly than others, a phenomenon called non-uniform memory access (NUMA). These trends have prompted researchers to investigate alternative programming abstractions based on message passing rather than(More)