Alex Khoshnevisan

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BACKGROUND [(18)F]BF4 (-), the first (18)F-labelled PET imaging agent for the sodium/iodide symporter (NIS), was produced by isotopic exchange yielding a product with limited specific activity (SA, ca. 1 GBq/μmol) posing a risk of sub-optimal target-to-background ratios (TBR) in PET images due to saturation of NIS in vivo. We sought to quantify this risk(More)
Anion transport by the human sodium-iodide symporter (hNIS) is an established target for molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy. Current radiotracers for PET of hNIS expression are limited to 124I- and 18F-BF4- We sought new 18F-labeled hNIS substrates offering higher specific activity, higher affinity, and simpler radiochemical synthesis than 18F-BF4-(More)
Intra-operative Ultrasound imaging as a real time imaging device is found very applicable for intraoperative updates of patient data in neurosurgery. One of the main challenges here is the accuracy of intra and preoperative image registration which is highly influenced by the level of speckle reduction and the accuracy of segmentation method. In this paper(More)
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