Alex Karagrigoriou

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This paper describes participation of Cyprus households in financial and real assets using new data from the 1999 Cyprus Survey of Consumer Finances, and compares Cyprus to the United States and four major European countries. Almost 9 out of 10 Cyprus households own some financial asset. After checking accounts, the most popular financial asset is(More)
This paper describes participation of Cyprus households in various debts using data from the first (1999) Cyprus Survey of Consumer Finances. It complements our previous paper that described household participation in various types of assets (Haliassos et al., 2001). Debts considered encompass personal unsecured loans, including credit card debt, and loans(More)
In this work we explore the class of heavy-tailed distributions and discuss their signicance in reliability engineering. At the same time we discuss measures of divergence which are extensively used in statistics in various elds. In this paper we rely on such measures to evaluate the residual and past lifetimes of events which are associated with the tail(More)
Markov processes are widely used in reliability engineering. In this work we focus on multi state systems (MSS) and apply the Semi-Markov methodology for parameter estimation. For this purpose the sojourn times are assumed to be independent not identically distributed (inid) random variables that follow a general class of distributions that includes several(More)
Markov processes are widely used for reliability analysis because the number of failures in arbitrary time intervals in many practical cases can be described as a Poisson process and the time up to the failure and repair time are often exponentially distributed. In this work we focus on the estimation of both the intensity rates and transition probabilities(More)
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