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The revision of species-rich genera: a phylogenetic framework for the strategic revision of Pilea (Urticaceae) based on cpDNA, nrDNA, and morphology.
  • Alex K. Monro
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American journal of botany
  • 1 March 2006
The revision of species-rich genera underpins research and supports the sustainable use and monitoring of biological diversity. One fifth to one quarter of the diversity of all seed plant speciesExpand
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Molecular phylogeny of the nettle family (Urticaceae) inferred from multiple loci of three genomes and extensive generic sampling.
Urticaceae is one of the larger Angiosperm families, but relationships within it remain poorly known. This study presents the first densely sampled molecular phylogeny of Urticaceae, using maximumExpand
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Vegetation of the greater Maya Mountains, Belize
Abstract This paper describes a new vegetation classification for the Greater Maya Mountains of Belize, focusing primarily on the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. Extensive use is made of GIS, remoteExpand
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Covering an area of 177,000 hectares, the region known within Belize as the Chiquibul Forest comprises the country’s largest forest reserve and includes the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, the ChiquibulExpand
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Additions to the Flora of China: seven new species of Elatostema (Urticaceae) from the karst landscapes of Guangxi and Yunnan
Seven new species of Elatostema from southwestern China are described and illustrated. Affinities of the species are discussed and Global Species Conservation Assessments presented. The new speciesExpand
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What is mahogany? The importance of a taxonomic framework for conservation
Taxonomy is an integral part of conservation and management because it allows managers to define taxa that can be managed to conserve the range of diversity in an ecosystem. This however, dependsExpand
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Molecular phylogeny and morphology of Elatostema s.l. (Urticaceae): Implications for inter- and infrageneric classifications.
Elatostema s.s. (Urticaceae) comprises approximately 500 species of herbs and subshrubs distributed in tropical and subtropical Asia, Australasia, and Africa. The delimitation of Elatostema s.s. andExpand
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Three new species, and three new names in Pilea (Urticaceae) from New Guinea. Contributions to the Flora of Mt Jaya XV
investigations into the classification of the genus. Characters important for species delimitation are discussed and a brief discussion of the species number worldwide included. Three new species,Expand
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A new international journal for rapid publication of botanical taxonomy
We are pleased to present you with the first issue of Phytotaxa , a new international journal for botanical taxonomy. Descriptive taxonomy—the discovery and description of taxa—is fundamental toExpand
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