Alex K. Y. Wong

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A micro-power CMOS front-end, consisting of a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and an ultralow cutoff frequency lowpass filter for the acquisition of photoplethysmographic signal (PPG) is presented. Robust DC photocurrent rejection for the pulsed signal source is achieved through a sample-and-hold stage in the feed-forward signal path and an error amplifier(More)
— In this paper, an electrocardiographic (ECG) signal processing IC, which will be used for portable biomedical application, was designed using continuous-time technique. The circuit consists of an instrumentation amplifier (INA) with driven-right-leg circuit (DRL), a 5 th order G m-C low pass filter (G m-C LPF) operating in sub-threshold mode, and(More)
—This brief describes a fully integrated dual-loop transimpedance amplifier with bandpass response for wearable near-infrared (NIR) sensing operating at low frequency: one loop to lower the lower band cutoff frequency and another loop for self-regulating DC photocurrent to prevent saturation at later stages. The circuit was implemented in a 0.35-μm CMOS(More)
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