Alex J. Huneycutt

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Infrared absorption spectra of the CH stretching region were observed for naphthalene, anthracene, phenanthrene, pyrene, and perylene using a heated, supersonic, slit-jet source and cavity ringdown spectroscopy. Band positions and intensities recorded with 0.2-cm-1 resolution were compared with previous gas-phase and argon matrix isolation experiments, as(More)
The H3+ molecular ion plays a fundamental role in interstellar chemistry, as it initiates a network of chemical reactions that produce many molecules. In dense interstellar clouds, the H3+ abundance is understood using a simple chemical model, from which observations of H3+ yield valuable estimates of cloud path length, density and temperature. But(More)
1. Abstract Using the Berkeley medium-resolution pulsed cavity ringdown spectrometer we have observed the HCl stretch spectrum of the HCl-H2O dimer and DCl stretch mode of the completely deuterated analog. The shifts from the free HCl stretch are consistent with theory and Ar matrix isolation work. Rotational structure was obtained for the deuterated(More)
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