Alex J. Drew

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  • Alex J. Drew
  • The Journal of bone and joint surgery. British…
  • 1951
This paper is an attempt to assess the late results of arthrodesis in the foot as a method of treatment for various types of muscular imbalance or paralysis. The patient who has had an operation upon his foot will judge the result by the uses to which he can put it. The appearance of the foot is certainly important, particularly to a woman ; but the foot(More)
INTRODUCTION Locally delivered, crystalline vancomycin has been suggested as a potential prophylactic measure against the development of deep and superficial surgical site infection. Clinical expectations regarding the duration and peak of drug concentration in local tissues following administration are unknown. Our goal was to develop concentration vs time(More)
PURPOSE To deploy and quantify the accuracy of 3D dual echo steady state (DESS) MR arthrography with hip traction to image acetabular cartilage. Clinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequences used to image hip cartilage often have reduced out-of-plane resolution and may lack adequate signal-to-noise to image cartilage. MATERIALS AND METHODS Saline(More)
BACKGROUND The humeral subluxation index (HSI) is frequently assessed on computed tomography (CT) scans in conditions of the shoulder characterized by humeral displacement. An arbitrarily set HSI cutoff value of 45% for anterior subluxation and 55% for posterior subluxation has been widely accepted. We studied whether mean values and thresholds of humeral(More)
Percutaneous osseointegrated (OI) implants for direct skeletal attachment of upper extremity prosthetics represent an alternative to traditional socket suspension that may yield improved patient function and satisfaction. This is especially true in high-level, transhumeral amputees where prosthetic fitting is challenging and abandonment rates remain high.(More)
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