Alex I. C. Monaghan

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One of the currently most successful approaches to synthesizing speech, concatenative synthesis, combines recorded speech units to build full utterances. However, the prosody of the stored units is often not consistent with that of the target utterance and must be altered. Furthermore, several types of mismatch can occur at unit boundaries and must be(More)
A new and simple approach to shape invariant timescale modi cation of speech is presented. The method, based upon a harmonic coding of each speech frame, operates entirely within the original sinusoidal model [3] and makes no use of \pitch-pulse onset times" used by conventional algorithms. Instead, phase coherence, and thus shape invariance, are ensured by(More)
The requirements of the computer telephony (CT) industry place conflicting demands on text-to-speech (TTS) systems. Multilingual functionality and high quality output at telephone bandwidth requires detailed linguistic and acoustic analysis. At the same time, the need for robustness together with a high channel count and small memory footprint means that(More)