Alex Huang

John R Sedor1
Julie Zhouli Ni1
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This paper proposes the software architecture and functions of a development kit for integrating photo-realistic panoramic images with 3-D graphics objecfs in virtual worlds. In graphics-based virtual reality applications, the complexity of the modeled virtual worla5 dominates the rendering performance of systems. Therefore, many virtual reality(More)
In this pilot project, we demonstrate a preliminary workflow for incorporating real time, " crowdsourced " data into disaster relief routing, using search and rescue (SAR) operations in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake as a test setting. We develop two simple models of relief routing: one with real time data and one without. We use road and(More)
BACKGROUND Renal disease is a known contributor to mortality in adults with sickle cell disease (SCD) and renal abnormalities are evident in childhood. Hyperfiltration (evidenced by elevated glomerular filtration rate, GFR) occurs in children with SCD early in disease. However, the incidence of low GFR (<90 ml/min/1.73 m(2)) suggestive of chronic kidney(More)
Environmental stress-induced transgenerational epigenetic effects have been observed in various model organisms and human. The capacity and mechanism of such phenomena are poorly understood. In C. elegans, siRNA mediates transgenerational gene silencing through the germline nuclear RNAi pathway. This pathway is also required to maintain the germline(More)
The widespread availability of wireless networks has created an increased interest in harnessing them for other purposes, such as localizing mobile devices. Our particular goal was to be able to use these techniques as well as others in order to better predict the location of a smart phone inside a building. The current state of the art techniques use(More)
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