Alex Hernandez

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Computational and learning theory models propose that behavioral control reflects value that is both cached (computed and stored during previous experience) and inferred (estimated on the fly on the basis of knowledge of the causal structure of the environment). The latter is thought to depend on the orbitofrontal cortex. Yet some accounts propose that the(More)
1. Steroid hormones act on neuronal communication through different mechanisms, ranging from transynaptic modulation of neurotransmitter synthesis and release to development and remodeling of synaptic circuitry. Due the wide distribution of putative brain targets for steroid hormones, acute or sustained elevations of their circulating levels may affect,(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE At our 35,000 visit/year emergency department (ED), we studied whether patients presenting to the ED with psychiatric complaints were admitted to the hospital at a higher rate than non-psychiatric patients, and whether these patients had a higher rate of reevaluation in the ED within 30 days following the index visit. METHODS We reviewed(More)
It has been proposed that schizophrenia results, in part, from the inappropriate or spurious attribution of salience to cues in the environment. We have recently reported neural correlates of salience in the basolateral amygdala (ABL) of rats during learning in an odor-guided discrimination task. Here we tested whether this dopamine-dependent salience(More)
The fundamental function of information technology (IT), whether internal or external, is the costeffective provision of IT services that meet organizational needs and align with organizational strategy. With ever-increasing adoption of IT management “best practices,” industry now leads the academic community by recognizing the need for IT professionals(More)
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