Alex Hermanne

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Objective: To assess magnesium enteral absorption from a magnesium-rich mineral water.Design: Experimental study.Setting: Department of Nuclear Medicine, Brugmann Hospital, Brussels, Belgium.Subjects: Ten healthy male volunteers in the age range 25–42 y.Intervention: Each subject completed two sessions in a random order. At one session, they received an(More)
PURPOSE We recently reported that anionic phospholipids, principally phosphatidylserine, become exposed on the external surface of vascular endothelial cells in tumors, probably in response to oxidative stresses present in the tumor microenvironment. In the present study, we tested the hypothesis that a chimeric monoclonal antibody that binds(More)
A multi-channel free-space micro-optical module for dense MCM-level optical interconnections has been designed and fabricated. Extensive modeling proves that the module is scalable with a potential for multi-Tb/ aggregate bit rate capacity while alignment and fabrication tolerances are compatible with present-day mass replication techniques. The(More)
Cross sections of deuteron induced nuclear reactions on natural molybdenum have been studied in the frame of a systematic investigation of charged particle induced nuclear reactions on metals for different applications. The excitation functions of *TM-, M ^ ^ s t M TM * * * " ^ . md *>Mo were measured up to 21MeV deuteron energy by using stacked foil(More)
The excitation functions of (96)Nb, (95m)Nb, (95g)Nb, (92m)Nb, (91m)Nb, (90)Nb, (95)Zr, (89)Zr, (88)Zr, (86)Zr, (88)Y, (87m)Y, (87g)Y, (86)Y were measured up to 70MeV proton energy by using the stacked foil technique and the activation method. The new data were compared with the critically analyzed experimental data in the literature and with the TALYS(More)
alpha-particle-induced nuclear reactions for generation of (211)At used in therapeutic nuclear medicine and possible contaminants were investigated with the stacked foil activation technique on natural bismuth targets up to E(alpha)=39 MeV. Excitation functions are reported for the reactions (209)Bi(alpha,2n)(211)At, (209)Bi(alpha,3n)(210)At and(More)
Radioarsenic labelled radiopharmaceuticals could be a valuable asset to Positron Emission Tomography (PET). In particular, the long half-lives of (72)As (T(1/2)=26 h) and (74)As (T(1/2)=17.8 d) allow to investigate slow physiological or metabolical processes, like the enrichment and distribution of antibodies in tumor tissue. This work describes the direct(More)
Activation cross sections of deuteron induced nuclear reactions on enriched (100)Mo have been studied up to 50 MeV using the stacked foil irradiation technique and gamma spectroscopy. The excitation functions for production of (99m)Tc, (ind99)Mo, (ind98m)Nb, (ind97mg)Nb radioisotopes were measured for the first time and compared with the results of the(More)
Radioisotopes used in medical practice and for industrial or research applications are often produced with charged particle induced reactions. Although mostly proton beams are used, the cross sections of deuteron induced reactions are sometimes higher and lead to higher thick target production rates. For 13 targets, ranging from mass 61 to 176, an(More)
In the frame of a systematic study of charged particle production routes of the therapeutic radioisotope (131)Cs, excitation functions of the (nat)Ba(p,x)(135,132mg)La, (ind135m,cum133m,cum133mg,cum131mg)Ba and (136mg,134mg,132,cum129)Cs reactions were measured in the 30-70 MeV energy range using stacked foil irradiation technique, activation method and(More)