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Drawing on paper is an experience which is still unmatched by any input device for drawing into a computer in terms of accuracy, dexterity and general pleasantness of use. This paper describes a paper-like drawing tablet which uses electronic ink as its output medium with stylus-based touchpanel input. The device mimics the experience of drawing in a manner(More)
Due to its advantageous features (eye protection, low energy consumption and capability of being read under any lighting-conditions), Electrophoretic displays (EPD) have been rapidly developed in the past ten years. Different types or production batches of EPD films need different driving waveforms; even in the same device, different driving waveforms are(More)
The display quality improvement of electrophoretic paper largely depends on the increase in the number of grayscale, but it will make drive mode design complicated. The inhibition of residual driving voltage also becomes more difficult. This paper presents a new 16 gray-scale driving schema based on the DC-balance principle, improve the display quality of(More)
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