Alex Hanxiang Wang

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Hypocretin (orexin), a neuropeptide synthesized exclusively in the perifornical/lateral hypothalamus, is critical for drug seeking and relapse, but it is not clear how the circuitry centred on hypocretin-producing neurons (hypocretin neurons) is modified by drugs of abuse and how changes in this circuit might alter behaviours related to drug addiction. In(More)
The lateral hypothalamus (LH) is a central hub that integrates inputs from, and sends outputs to, many other brain areas. Two groups of neurons in the LH, expressing hypocretin/orexin or melanin concentrating hormone (MCH), have been shown to participate in sleep regulation, energy homeostasis, drug addiction, motor regulation, stress response, and social(More)
The neuropeptide hypocretin is synthesized exclusively in the lateral hypothalamus and participates in many brain functions critical for animal survival, particularly in the promotion and maintenance of arousal in animals - a core process in animal behaviours. Consistent with its arousal-promoting role in animals, the neurones synthesizing hypocretin(More)
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