Alex Halderman

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We have discovered remotely-exploitable vulnerabilities in Green Dam, the censorship software reportedly mandated by the Chinese government. Any web site a Green Dam user visits can take control of the PC. According to press reports, China will soon require all PCs sold in the country to include Green Dam. This software monitors web sites visited and other(More)
Stealthy pixel-perfect attacks on smartphone apps are a class of phishing attacks that rely on visual deception to trick users into entering sensitive information into trojan apps. We introduce an operating system abstraction called Trusted Visual I/O Paths (TIVOs) that enables a user to securely verify the app she is interacting with, only assuming that(More)
to the California Secretary of State as part of a " Top-to-Bottom " review of electronic voting systems certified for use in the State of California. Executive Summary This report is a security analysis of the Diebold voting system, which consists primarily of the AccuVote-TSX (AV-TSX) DRE, the AccuVote-OS (AV-OS) optical scanner, and the GEMS election(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE It remains unclear whether SSCD syndrome, characterized by onset of vestibular symptoms in the setting of loud noises, is a congenital or acquired condition. The purpose of this investigation was to assess the prevalence of SSCD on imaging among multiple age groups to determine whether this condition is more likely to be congenital or(More)
My research focuses on computer security and privacy, with an emphasis on problems that broadly impact society and public policy. Topics that interest me include software security, network security, data privacy, anonymity, electronic voting, censorship resistance, digital rights management, computer forensics, ethics, and cybercrime. I'm also interested in(More)
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