Alex H. Stram

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Adult height is a classic polygenic trait of high heritability (h(2) approximately 0.8). More than 180 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), identified mostly in populations of European descent, are associated with height. These variants convey modest effects and explain approximately10% of the variance in height. Discovery efforts in other populations,(More)
MOTIVATION In modern sequencing studies, one can improve the confidence of genotype calls by phasing haplotypes using information from an external reference panel of fully typed unrelated individuals. However, the computational demands are so high that they prohibit researchers with limited computational resources from haplotyping large-scale sequence data.(More)
MOTIVATION The development of Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) algorithms for parameter inference which are both computationally efficient and scalable in parallel computing environments is an important area of research. Monte Carlo rejection sampling, a fundamental component of ABC algorithms, is trivial to distribute over multiple processors but is(More)
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