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Vertically aligned carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays are grown on a moving substrate, demonstrating continuous growth of nanoscale materials with long-range order. A cold-wall chamber with an oscillating moving platform is used to locally heat a silicon growth substrate coated with an Fe/Al2O3 catalyst film for CNT growth via chemical vapor deposition. The(More)
In the MIT Mechanical Engineering course, Introduction to Design and Manufacturing (2.007), students learn Deterministic Design, a design process similar to the scientific method approach to solving problems in the natural world. Deterministic Design merges qualities of the scientific method with the business focus of risk assessment and countermeasures,(More)
Submarine propulsion shafts have demonstrated acceptable reliability performance when inspected and refurbished at least every 6 years. Designers wish to extend the inspection interval to 12 years without sacrificing reliability. This interval is unprecedented, as no known submarine shafting system is currently operated with this inspection cycle, nor are(More)
In this paper, the design and testing of an ankle rehabilitation device is presented. The purpose of the research done is to provide physicians with a diagnostics tool that can quantitatively measure the severity of an injury by measuring the ankle joint's functional output. Torque and power output have been shown to be correlated with functional(More)
Endotracheal tube insertion requires the measurement of very low pressure. Currently, there exists no reliable method or device that is integral with the inflation syringe for measuring this pressure. Thus, a device for quickly and easily reading the pressure was created within the syringe currently used to pressurize the tube. This device takes the form of(More)