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This article examines discourse about Internet addiction and video-game-related suicide in the People’s Republic of China. Through an analysis of media reportage, interview transcripts, and chat rooms, a preliminary account of the origins of contemporary Chinese concerns with Internet addiction is provided. This approach differs from biomedical models,(More)
Early news coverage of the rapid expansions and horrors associated with use of crack in the mid-1980s led to a great panic. Scholarly research subsequently debunked the various myths emanating from this media scare. This article examines whether this expanded understanding was reflected in the quality of news coverage over time through a comprehensive(More)
AIM To assess an incidence rate of surgical site infections (SSI) after open appendectomy and effectiveness of combined preventive measures (CPM). MATERIAL AND METHODS This study was performed at three surgical departments of Smolensk hospitals. A total of 150 consecutive patients (50 at each department) hospitalized since January 2012 were included into(More)
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