Alex Golden

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Cryoablation is a percutaneous procedure for treating solid tumors using needle-like instruments. This paper presents an interventional guidance device for faster and more accurate alignment and insertion of multiple probes during cryoablation performed in closed bore magnetic resonance (MR) imaging systems. The device is compact and is intended to be(More)
We detected a correlation between optical and giant radio pulse emission from the Crab pulsar. Optical pulses coincident with the giant radio pulses were on average 3% brighter than those coincident with normal radio pulses. Combined with the lack of any other pulse profile changes, this result indicates that both the giant radio pulses and the increased(More)
BACKGROUND Intracranial infantile hemangiomas are extremely rare, with only 36 patients reported in literature. Treatment for intracranial infantile hemangiomas has been mostly limited to surgery, steroids, and interferon therapy. Propranolol, which is often used to treat cutaneous infantile hemangiomas, is not currently standard treatment for intracranial(More)
We report a case of a high-risk neonate with interrupted aortic arch (IAA) and ventricular septal defect who underwent a successful hybrid palliative procedure using a ductal stent and bilateral branch pulmonary artery banding. This case represents not only a successful use of hybrid approach in high-risk neonates with IAA, but also introduces an(More)
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