Alex Genkin

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Objective We present an approach for detecting mitochondria in electron microscopy images of brain tissue and demonstrate it on the rat neuropil. This would enable the study of statistics of mitochondria and their location relative to other structures such as cell boundaries, vesicles and synapses. Neural tissue from the Lateral part of the rat's brain was(More)
AIM Illustration of potentialities of computer technologies in processing data from case histories MATERIALS AND METHODS Routine clinical and laboratory data on 263 hemoblastosis patients were processed with the use of the exploring system. RESULTS A paradoxical negative relationship was discovered between blood cholesterol and age (R = -0.345, p <(More)
Differences in the coefficients of correlation of clinical laboratory signs in patients with diseases of the blood and lymph, respiratory organs, and cardiovascular system were analyzed using OMIS research biomedical system (Intellectual Systems, St. Petersburg. 1993). Correlation coefficient is interpreted not as a measure of relationship between signs,(More)
  • Alex Genkin
  • Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
  • 2004
Stat is t ical c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s of the EEG were obtained by means of which its r e sponses to p e r f o r m a n c e of va r ious types of mental work can be dis t inguished without r e g a r d to the pa t t e rn of the background EEG or to i ts changes produced by mental act iv i ty . The a r h y t h m of different ia t ion is based on the(More)
The paper describes the method of image recognition in which a useful element of Bayes' approach, numerous alternatives, is united with the productive idea of heterogeneous sequential analysis--ordering of signs by their informative value for decision making. The idea of the method--a sequential Bayes' algorithm--consists in the following: the a priori(More)