Alex Gatherer

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Based on the experience of many countries in Europe and the advice of experts, this guide outlines some of the steps prison systems should take to reduce the public health risks from compulsory detention in often unhealthy situations, to care for prisoners in need and to promote the health of prisoners and staff. This especially requires that everyone(More)
Acknowledgements The handbook was prepared for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) by Tomris Atabay, consultant on criminal justice issues, based in Turkey. UNODC wishes to acknowledge with appreciation the significant role played by the Quaker UN Office (Geneva) throughout the development of the handbook. UNODC also wishes to acknowledge(More)
Two hundred and forty-seven completed Behaviour Assessment Records (BAR) for people with learning difficulties living in hospital, community residential facilities or the family home were subjected to item analysis and factor analysis. The instrument as a whole proved to be highly internally consistent, although the corrected item-total correlation(More)
The Attention: Distraction/Inhibition Excitation Scale (ADIECAS) is a measure of individual differences hitherto used with children with special needs. The present study shows that the ADIECAS retains adequate factor structure and internal consistency with children who do not have special needs. Factor analysis yielded three dimensions:(More)
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