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The emerging cloud-computing paradigm is rapidly gaining momentum as an alternative to traditional IT (information technology). However, contemporary cloud-computing offerings are primarily targeted for Web 2.0-style applications. Only recently have they begun to address the requirements of enterprise solutions, such as support for infrastructure(More)
Service Clouds are a key emerging feature of the Future Internet which will provide a platform to execute virtualized services. To effectively operate a service cloud there needs to be a monitoring system which provides data on the actual usage and changes in resources of the cloud and of the services running in the cloud. We present the main aspects of(More)
Cloud computing [23] is a promising paradigm for the provisioning of IT services. Cloud computing infrastructures, such as those offered by the RESERVOIR project, aim to facilitate the deployment, management and execution of services across multiple physical locations in a seamless manner. In order for service providers to meet their quality of service(More)
—Virtual Networks are characterised as highly dynamic network environments, where topologies and nodes adapt rapidly to changes in user and service demands, user location and context changes, or resource constraints. This paper presents a rigorous assessment of an Information Management Overlay (IMO) suitable for monitoring virtual networks. The IMO system(More)
The essence of Grid Computing is to provide efficient Resource on Demand (RoD). This paper addresses this challenge from the perspective of network, the living platform of Grid, by providing effective Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms (both IntServ and DiffServ) inside the Grid networking environment. Specifically, the efficiency of this QoS mechanism is(More)
ACTS Project AC080 MISA has embarked upon the task of realizing and validating via European field trials integrated end-to-end management of hybrid SDH and ATM networks in the framework of open network provision (ONP). This paper reflects the initial work of the project and gives an overview of the proposed MISA system architecture and initial design. We(More)