Alex G Dempster

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The clinical, ultrasonographic, CAT scan and pathologic findings are described in a case of a rare unilateral malformation involving the optic disc of the type described as the 'morning glory syndrome'. The malformation was associated with a peripapillary scleral defect, absence of the lamina cribrosa and a recess formed by an axial retrodisplacement of the(More)
To assess whether the increase in malignant melanoma incidence could be due, at least in part, to changes in histological criteria of malignancy, pathologists in Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States and the USSR reviewed diagnoses of 50 consecutive pigmented naevi (40 junctional and compound; 10(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the histopathology of Molteno implant capsules in cases of primary and secondary glaucoma and to correlate them with surgical technique and clinical outcomes in quiet eyes. DESIGN Human tissue study with clinicopathological correlation. MATERIALS Seventy-five autopsy eyes or surgical pathology specimens obtained between 4 days and(More)
PURPOSE To identify cell types and extracellular matrix components in Molteno implant capsules. METHODS Histologic features including cytology, distribution of apoptotic cells, cytoantigens, collagens, basement membranes, elastic fibers, and glycoproteins were examined by light microscopy. Findings were correlated with the clinical features of 19 ocular(More)
AIMS Necrotising fasciitis is a rare but serious soft tissue infection with high morbidity and mortality. We wished to review our 5 year experience with this condition 1989-94. In addition, in light of recent interest in the association between necrotising fasciitis and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, we wished to determine the incidence of NSAID use(More)
UNLABELLED PURPOSE. To report the ultrastructure of cells and extracellular matrix components in Molteno implant capsules examined by scanning and transmission electron microscopy. METHODS Ultrastructural features including cytology, distribution of apoptotic cells, collagens, basement membranes, elastic fibrils, and glycoproteins were examined by(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the nature of hyperthermia-induced pathophysiological changes in an animal model including effects on lung compliance. METHODOLOGY Piglets were randomly assigned to heated or non-heated groups. Heated animals were warmed to 4 degrees C above normal body temperature while sedated and breathing spontaneously. Cardiorespiratory variables(More)
PURPOSE To describe findings of light microscopic examination of trabeculectomy blebs. METHODS Histologic and immunohistochemical features of blebs including cell types, and distribution of apoptotic cells and proapoptotic death messengers were examined in six eyes 6.0 to 25.9 years after trabeculectomy. RESULTS All specimens showed a channel opening(More)
PURPOSE To describe findings of light microscopic examination of Molteno implant bleb capsules. METHODS Histological and immunohistochemical features of bleb capsules including distribution of apoptotic cells and cell fragments were examined in 11 eyes 0.2 to 30.4 years after Molteno implants. RESULTS In the superficial layer of capsules, high(More)