Alex Ferrer

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INTRODUCTION Prolonged sedentary behavior is an independent risk factor for many negative health outcomes. Although many employers have begun introducing sit-stand desks as means of reducing employee's occupational sitting time, few studies have examined the impact of prolonged access to such desks on sitting/standing time or cardiometabolic outcomes. The(More)
We define the vector of conditional coverage values generated over the business cycle by a constant capital figure. Using a convenient analytical framework, we explore its properties and propose two applications based on it. For the former, we state a result that links the concepts of conditional and unconditional solvency and offers an alternative(More)
The work deals on computational design of structural materials by resorting to computational homogenization and topological optimization techniques. The goal is then to minimize the structural (macro-scale) compliance by appropriately designing the material distribution (microstructure) at a lower scale (micro-scale), which, in turn, rules the mechanical(More)
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