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MRI-based quantification of residual fibroglandular tissue of the breast after conservative mastectomies.
PURPOSE Skin-sparing and nipple-sparing mastectomies (SSM; NSM) remove the breast's fibroglandular tissue (FGT), thereby reducing breast cancer risk. The postoperative presence of residual FGT (RFGT)Expand
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Effect of asymptomatic vaginal colonization with Candida albicans on pregnancy outcome
Vaginal infection is a major causative factor of preterm delivery. The present study was performed to evaluate the effect of asymptomatic vaginal colonization with Candida albicans at early gestationExpand
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The colonization with Candida species is more harmful in the second trimester of pregnancy
PurposeVaginal colonization with Candida species (spp.) during pregnancy has been associated with impaired pregnancy outcomes. There is a reduction in spontaneous preterm birth among women withExpand
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Influence of Orally Administered Probiotic Lactobacillus Strains on Vaginal Microbiota in Women with Breast Cancer during Chemotherapy: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Double-Blinded Pilot Study
Background: Due to chemotherapy and estrogen deprivation therapy, genitourinary syndrome of menopause is a common condition in breast cancer patients. We aimed to determine the effect of an orallyExpand
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Quantitative Sodium MR Imaging at 7 T: Initial Results and Comparison with Diffusion-weighted Imaging in Patients with Breast Tumors.
Purpose To investigate the clinical feasibility of a quantitative sodium 23 ((23)Na) magnetic resonance (MR) imaging protocol developed for breast tumor assessment and to compare it with 7-TExpand
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Human placentophagy: a review
&NA; Placentophagy or placentophagia, the postpartum ingestion of the placenta, is widespread among mammals; however, no contemporary human culture incorporates eating placenta postpartum as part ofExpand
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Gender has no influence on VUR rates after renal transplantation
The influence of recipient gender on urological complications including vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) after renal transplantation has not yet been established. In this study, post‐transplantationExpand
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Urethral buttressing in patients undergoing artificial urinary sphincter surgery.
PURPOSE We evaluated the safety and feasibility of what we believe to be a novel technique of buttressing the urethra with a fibrin coated collagen fleece in patients undergoing artificial urinaryExpand
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Routine Use of an Antenatal Infection Screen-and-Treat Program to Prevent Preterm Birth: Long-Term Experience at a Tertiary Referral Center.
BACKGROUND Vaginal infection in early pregnancy is associated with preterm birth. This study evaluates long-term results after integrating an antenatal screen-and-treat program for asymptomaticExpand
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Adverse Events of Trastuzumab Emtansine (T-DM1) in the Treatment of HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Patients
The human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) is commonly associated with poor prognosis and is overexpressed in approximately 15-20% of all breast cancers. The introduction of HER2-targetedExpand
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