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  • A. Farkas, A. Rosler
  • 1993
An extensive survey in a highly inbred Arab community documented over 60 cases of male pseudoher-maphroditism due to 17 β hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficiency. During a period of 10 years (1981–1991), 16 such patients underwent masculinating genitoplasty. Two children have had a one stage corrective genitoplasty while all others (2 adults, 3 adolescents(More)
One method of evaluating programs is for them to be prepared as self contained pieces of source, then compiled, linked and executed. The last phase may involve binding to and manipulating persistent values. When the persistent store is supported by a user interface, the program construction can be augmented by the use of tokens as denotations for persistent(More)
The paper describes a new reflective language mechanism and its implementation. The mechanism called Octopus is designed to support a wide variety of database programming and software engineering applications which previously required much heavier weight mechanisms, such as the use of a compiler at run-time, or unsafe language mechanisms. The implementation(More)
The traditional representation of a program is as a linear sequence of text. At some stage in the execution sequence the source text is checked for type correctness and its translated form is linked to values in the environment. When this is performed early in the execution process, confidence in the cor-rectness of the program is raised. During program(More)
Over the last 15 years a number of persistent language systems have been produced whose implementation relies on the persistence mechanisms provided by an underlying operating system. We have produced an operating system called Grasshopper expressly designed to support orthogonally persistent systems. In this paper we demonstrate how the mechanisms provided(More)
We describe our experience in treating 16 established cases of vesicovaginal fistulae in non-irradiated bladders which followed obstetric and gynecological procedures. The fistulae, most of which were large and complex, were successfully repaired surgically after two to three months intervals, using the O'Connor transvesical technique. The advantages of(More)
Stroke is the second greatest killer and one of the leading causes of disability. One of the results of stroke is the partial loss of vision with apparent blindness in certain parts of the visual field. Current vision restoration therapy and rehabilitation methods have not shown permanent treatment results for this type of partial loss of vision. Our(More)