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Expression of co-inhibitory molecules is generally associated with T-cell dysfunction in chronic viral infections such as HIV or HCV. However, their relative contribution in the T-cell impairment remains unclear. In the present study, we have evaluated the impact of the expression of co-inhibitory molecules such as 2B4, PD-1 and CD160 on the functions of(More)
Cellular senescence is the permanent arrest of cell cycle, physiologically related to aging and aging-associated diseases. Senescence is also recognized as a mechanism for limiting the regenerative potential of stem cells and to protect cells from cancer development. The senescence program is realized through autocrine/paracrine pathways based on the(More)
Ex vivo analysis of virus-specific CD8 T cell populations by anchored PCR has shown that the CD8 TCR repertoire was less oligoclonal (seven to nine clonotypes per individual epitope) than previously thought. In the current study, TCR diversity was investigated by assessing both the overall TCR β-chain variable regions usage as well as the CDR3 regions in ex(More)
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