Alex Elgart

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  • Michael Aizenman, Alex Elgart, Sergei Naboko, Jeffrey H Schenker, M Aizenman, A Elgart +3 others
  • 2003
We study localization effects of disorder on the spectral and dy-namical properties of Schrödinger operators with random potentials. The new results include exponentially decaying bounds on the transition amplitude and related projection kernels, including in the mean. These are derived through the analysis of fractional moments of the resolvent, which are(More)
We study the decay of a prepared state E0 into a continuum {Ek} in the case of non-Ohmic models. This means that the coupling is Vk,|proportional|Ek-E0s-1 with s not equal 1. We find that irrespective of model details there is a universal generalized Wigner time t0 that characterizes the decay of the survival probability P0(t). The generic decay behavior(More)
We study the decay of a prepared state into non-flat continuum. We find that the survival probability P (t) might exhibit either stretched-exponential or power-law decay, depending on non-universal features of the model. Still there is a universal characteristic time t 0 that does not depend on the functional form. It is only for a flat continuum that we(More)
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