Alex E. Benn

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Sole reliance on one drug, Praziquantel, for treatment and control of schistosomiasis raises concerns about development of widespread resistance, prompting renewed interest in the discovery of new anthelmintics. To discover new leads we designed an automated label-free, high content-based, high throughput screen (HTS) to assess drug-induced effects on in(More)
We report the cloning and sequence analysis of a chicken nearly full-length cDNA clone, cKr1, encoding a protein of 509 amino acids which contains ten 2Cys + 2His-type zinc-finger motifs arranged in two separate sets of five zinc fingers each. The cKr1 transcripts are detected in organs of the adult chicken, predominantly in the brain and lung. At day 4 of(More)
A stereoselective synthesis of functionalised cis-hexahydropyrrolo[3,2-b]pyrrol-3-ones has been developed through Fmoc and Cbz-protected intermediates 5 and 6. Building blocks 5 and 6 were prepared via the intramolecular cyclisation of anti-epoxide 17. The intramolecular reaction occurred exclusively through the anti-epoxide to provide the 5,5-cis-fused(More)
The 5,5-bicycles cis-6-oxo-hexahydro-2-oxa-1,4-diazapentalene 3 and cis-6-oxo-hexahydropyrrolo[3,2-c]pyrazole 4 were designed as rotationally restricted templates towards the preparation of inhibitors of CAC1 cysteinyl proteinases. The design strategy was exemplified through the solution and solid phase preparation of potent inhibitors of human cathepsin K(More)
A stereoselective synthesis of (3aS,6aR)-tetrahydrofuro[3,2-b]pyrrol-3-ones and (3aS,7aR)-hexahydrofuro[3,2-b]pyridine-3-ones has been developed through Fmoc protected scaffolds 12 and 13. A key design element within these novel bicyclic scaffolds, in particular the 5,5-fused system, was the inherent stability of the cis-fused geometry in comparison to that(More)
A stereoselective synthesis of functionalised (2R,3R)-2,3-dimethyl-3-amidotetrahydrofuran-4-one, its (2S,3R)-epimer and (3aR,6aR)-N-(3-oxo-hexahydrocyclopenta[b]furan-3a-yl)acylamide cysteinyl proteinase inhibitors has been developed using Fmoc-protected scaffolds 6-8 in a solid-phase combinatorial strategy. Within these scaffolds, the introduction of an(More)
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