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Fig. 2 shows calculated sensitivity using Q factor estimation [1]. Indicated with lines are theoretically analyzed sensitivities as a function of bit rate without an SOA, with an SOA, and with an SOA and an optical band-pass filter, respectively. Our experimental result with SOA demonstrated later, a previous work with SOA [2], and the state-of-the-art with(More)
Organismal functions are size-dependent whenever body surfaces supply body volumes. Larger organisms can develop strongly folded internal surfaces for enhanced diffusion, but in many cases areas cannot be folded so that their enlargement is constrained by anatomy, presenting a problem for larger animals. Here, we study the allometry of adhesive pad area in(More)
A method of the registration of the feed intake and ruminating behaviour of sheep which uses piezoelectric converters was tested. The appliance-technological solution and the feasibility and routine measurings are described. It showed that measurings on the basis of acceleration registration produced similar results as the 'halter method with plate feelers'(More)
Although social enrichment can be considered beneficial in helping dogs cope with the kennel environment, when taking individual needs into account, it places a large demand on the carers and may not be appropriate in under-resourced kennels. Some kennels are also designed in such a way that there is too much social interaction, in that individuals cannot(More)
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