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In an attempt to reduce the number of breast biopsies done for benign breast disease in patients with breast lumps, we evaluated prospectively the sensitivity and specificity of the combination of three diagnostic modalities: clinical examination, mammography, and fine-needle aspiration cytologic examination (FNA). A total of 234 patients with a breast mass(More)
Of 1,666 patients who underwent fine needle aspiration for breast lumps, 4 developed pneumothorax as a complication. The incidence of this complication in our patients is 1:417. The clinical manifestations were immediate chest pain, shoulder pain and, occasionally, dyspnea that developed later. Observation is sufficient treatment in most patients, and(More)
Long-term clinical and metabolic results of subtotal gastrectomy for duodenal ulcer in 133 patients are reported. The operative procedure consisted of a 4/5 gastric resection with a retrocolic no-loop Hoffmeister anastomosis. After detailed clinical and metabolic assessment, 84% of the patients were graded Visick grades I and II. Postgastrectomy symptoms(More)
We present an unusual case of torsion of a wandering spleen in a 14 year old boy. Wandering spleen is an entity which has rarely been reported in infants and children. Although patients may be asymptomatic, some may present as an acute surgical emergency if trauma or torsion of the vascular pedicle occurs, as in our case. The treatment of this condition is(More)
Forty-five patients with obstructing carcinoma of the colon and rectum were compared with 176 patients with nonobstructing tumor diagnosed over a 10-year period. The age and sex distribution did not differ between the two groups. The site of greatest risk for obstruction was the splenic flexure and descending colon (50%); median survival in these patients(More)
We tested the effectiveness of a single dose of prophylactic antibiotic (gentamicin) in elective cholecystectomy in a double-blind, controlled randomized study. All patients recognized preoperatively as being at risk were excluded. The treatment group comprised of 102 patients received a single dose of gentamicin and the 74 patients in the control group(More)