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The current study examined how assessments of copresence in an immersive virtual environment are influenced by variations in how much an embodied agent resembles a human being in appearance and behavior. We measured the extent to which virtual representations were both perceived and treated as if they were human via self-report, behavioral, and cognitive(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Some anticancer drugs can result in increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Alkylating agents are the most frequently used drugs in chemotherapeutic regimens for the treatment of malignant melanoma. It is known that triazenes exhibit in vivo activity by alkylation of nucleic acids and proteins, but there is no data(More)
AIM To evaluate the risk evaluation for malignant transformation breast intraductal papiloma. MATERIALS AND METHODS 277 women with pathologic nipple discharge were evaluated and operated on during 1994-2005. Nipple discharge was unilateral in 217 patients and bilateral in 60. The main diagnostic methods were clinical examination, ductography, discharge(More)
OBJECTIVES Objective of the study was to examine patients with fistula preoperatively with MRI and then compare with operative findings. BACKGROUND Most common cause of perianal suppuration is infection of cryptoglandular origin. This results in simple intersphincteric abscess, or spreading of infection in cranial or caudal direction, horizontally or(More)
Medical reports of 8,768 patients with various diseases of thyroid gland were analyzed. There were 1,563 (17.8) male and 7,201 (82.2%) female patients aged 6 to 86 years. One-nodular goiter was diagnosed at 13.85% patients, multinodular goiter - at 67.2%, diffuse toxic goiter - at 5.85%, thyreotoxic adenoma - at 4.91%, Hashimoto's thyroiditis - at 8.16%(More)
For the period comprised between 1995 and 2005, 247 patients have been under our scrutiny, all of them accepted under emergency due to a complicated colorectal carcinoma, aged between 50 and 89 years, of which 55 women, or 22.26%, and 192 men, or 79.35%. The objective of this study is to show the risk factors for the outcome of this disease, complicated by(More)
7264 patients with different thyreopathies have been analysed, as follows: Basedov's disease (446 = 6.13%), thyreotoxic adenoma (Plummer's disease - 974 = 14.4%), nodular struma (1077 - 14.82%), polynodular struma (3291 = 45.3%), Hashimoto's thyreoiditis (1476 = 20.31%). 2879 of them have been having indications of thyreotoxicosis 39.63%). Carcinoma has(More)
The authors present a group of seven patients operated in 1992 to 1996 on account of carcinoma of the gastric stump. All patients had a Billroth II resection at the age of 52 to 77 years. The mean period after resection was 21.3 years. In three patients total gastrectomy was made, in three patients subtotal resection and only in one patient a palliative(More)
It is the purpose of the study to assess the early results of TRAM (transversus rectus abdominis musculocutaneous flap) and LDM (latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flap) techniques used in mammary gland reconstruction following mastectomy in breast carcinoma patients. Over a two-year period (Nov 1995 through Nov 1997), nineteen patients presenting breast(More)