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Landfill cover soils oxidize a considerable fraction of the methane produced by landfilled waste. Despite many efforts this oxidation is still poorly quantified. In order to reduce the uncertainties associated with methane oxidation in landfill cover soils, a simulation model was developed that incorporates Stefan-Maxwell diffusion, methane oxidation, and(More)
Landfilling is one of the most common ways of municipal solid waste disposal. Degradation of organic waste produces CH(4) and other landfill gases that significantly contribute to global warming. However, before entering the atmosphere, part of the produced CH(4) can be oxidised while passing through the landfill cover. In the present study, the oxidation(More)
There has been a significant increase in municipal solid waste (MSW) generation in India during the last few decades and its management has become a major issue because the poor waste management practices affect the health and amenity of the cities. In the present study, various physico-chemical parameters of the MSW were analyzed to characterize the waste(More)
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