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In a 33-month prospective analysis of needlestick injuries, venepuncturists working under Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for handling used needles were shown to incur a needlestick injury for every 3,175 to 4,006 needle-handling procedures. On the other hand, users of a simple device designed to reduce the risk of injury when recapping used(More)
In June 1979, 245 Hindu and 240 Moslem women of childbearing age (14-45 yr) living in a semi-rural area north of Lautoka were tested for anemia and for iron-deficiency. Ninety-six (39%) of the 245 Hindu women and 77 (32%) of the 240 Moslem women were anemic according to World Health Organization criteria. Most of the cases of anemia were due to(More)
Complications of scleral lens wear are not well documented or understood. While multiple studies focus on oxygen transmission during scleral lens wear and associated corneal swelling, little is known about the effects of varying scleral lens fitting relationships, especially when there is corneal interaction. Scleral lenses, by convention, are designed to(More)
A total of 4939 apparently healthy Fijian and Indian subjects living in Fiji were tested for anaemia by determination of the microhaematocrit of a sample of capillary blood. The prevalence of anaemia during childhood varied with age but was similar for Fijians and Indians of either sex. The overall prevalences were: 0-4 years, 20.3%; 5-9 years, 3.7%; 10-14(More)
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