Alex D. Kelley

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STUDY DESIGN Prospective mortality study. OBJECTIVE To assess the relationship between comorbid medical conditions and other health-related factors to mortality in chronic spinal cord injury (SCI). SETTING Boston, MA, USA. METHODS Between 1994 and 2000, 361 males >/=1 year after injury completed a respiratory health questionnaire and underwent(More)
The major process affecting the configuration and evolution of terrain is erosion by flowing water. Landscapes thus reflect the branching patterns of river and stream networks. The network patterns contain information that is characteristic of the landscape's topographic features. It is therefore possible to create an approximation to natural terrain by(More)
After spinal cord injury (SCI), breathlessness during daily activities is common. In 308 individuals with SCI, the authors measured pulmonary function and administered a survey regarding health status, participation in wheelchair athletics, and breathlessness during different activities. The following questions were included: A. Are you troubled by(More)
Salmonella thompson, a common pathogen of poultry, has received scant attention as a cause of human gastroenteritis. At least 45 persons were infected with S thompson in Sacramento, California, after eating at a chicken restaurant and 38 became symptomatic. Ten required admission to hospital, and all were treated with antibiotics and improved. In 19 cases(More)
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