Alex Colvin

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Acknowledgments There are three people without whom I could not have completed this dissertation. Alf Weaver saw me through the entire process with a continuous stream of valuable advice, multidimensional support, and excellent opportunities. I especially appreciated the encouragement and support he ooered during the tough times. Jorg Liebeherr spent(More)
This paper describes the functionality of ViC*, a compiler for a variant of the data-parallel language C* with support for out-of-core data. The compiler translates C* programs with shapes declared outofcore, which describe parallel data stored on disk. The compiler output is a SPMD-style program in standard C with I/O and library calls added to eeciently(More)
The ADROIT project is building an open-source software-defined data radio, intended to be controlled by cognitive applications. The goal is to create a system that enables teams of radios, where each radio both has its own cognitive controls and the ability to collaborate with other radios, to create cognitive radio teams. The desire to create cognitive(More)
Software-defined radios (SDRs) are now recognized as a key building block for future wireless communications. We have spent the past year enhancing existing open software to create a software-defined data radio. This radio extends the notion of software-defined behavior to higher layers in the protocol stack: most importantly through the media access layer.(More)
This paper adapts status-based conformity theory to the study of careers. I develop the notion that middle-status conformity shapes individual willingness to pursue professionally deviant career activities in organizations. Further, I propose that an individual's social status and labor market position can combine to predict deviant action. These ideas are(More)
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