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A high-resolution relative earthquake location procedure is used to image the fine-scale seismicity structure of the northern Hayward fault, California. The seismicity defines a narrow, near-vertical fault zone containing horizontal alignments of hypocenters extending along the fault zone. The lineations persist over the 15-year observation interval,(More)
In the present study, we used the African Wildcat (Felis silvestris lybica) as a somatic cell donor to evaluate the in vivo developmental competence, after transfer into domestic cat recipients, of cloned embryos produced by the fusion of African Wildcat (AWC) fibroblast cell nuclei with domestic cat cytoplasts. Cloned embryos were produced by fusion of a(More)
A new iridovirus, herein named isopod iridescent virus (IIV), was isolated from two species of terrestrial isopods in Berkeley, Calif. Infected individuals of Armadillidium vulgare and Porcellio scaber (Crustacea:Isopoda) appeared purple in color; in thin sections, hemocytes, nerve cells, and fat body cells contained cytoplasmic aggregations of virions.(More)
Chromosomal rearrangements can result from crossing over during ectopic homologous recombination between dispersed repetitive DNA. We have previously shown that meiotic ectopic recombination between artificially dispersed ade6 heteroalleles in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe frequently results in chromosomal rearrangements. The same(More)
An iridovirus was observed with the electron microscope in the tissues of a mermithid nematode parasitic in the isopods Porcellio scaber and Armadillidium vulgare. Virus particles were seen associated with virogenic areas in the cytoplasm along with viral stages suggestive of particle maturation. Extracts of portions of the same nematodes used for(More)
Although epithelial-like somatic cells have been previously isolated from semen, cell proliferation rates were low. Culture of whole semen samples resulted in loss of potentially valuable spermatozoa. The aims of the present study were to: (1) isolate somatic cells from semen, while preserving sperm viability, and (2) optimize in vitro culture conditions(More)
The production of cloned offspring by nuclear transfer (NT) of semen-derived somatic cells holds considerable potential for the incorporation of novel genes into endangered species populations. Because oocytes from endangered species are scarce, domestic species oocytes are often used as cytoplasts for interspecies NT. In the present study, epithelial cells(More)