Alex Chernjavsky

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The recent discovery that the neurotransmitter glutamate can trigger actively propagating Ca2+ waves in the cytoplasm of cultured astrocytes suggests the possibility that synaptically released glutamate may trigger similar Ca2+ waves in brain astrocytes in situ. To explore this possibility, we used confocal microscopy and the Ca2+ indicator fluo-3 to study(More)
In the adult mammalian retina, the principal direction of information flow is along a vertical pathway from photoreceptors to retinal interneurons to ganglion cells, the output neurons of the retina. We report here, however, that initially in development, at a time when the photoreceptors are not yet even present, there are already functionally defined(More)
Morphological dynamics and membrane transport within the living Golgi apparatus of astrocytes labeled with NBD-ceramide were imaged using both electronically enhanced fluorescence video and laser confocal microscopy. In time-lapse recordings, continuous tubulovesicular processes are observed to emerge from trans-Golgi elements and extend along microtubules(More)
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