Alex Cameron

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Although e-Commerce systems have progressed over the past few years, they lack important aspects such as building long-term and profitable relationships with customers and facilitating an environment that encourages buyers to buy more. The actual execution of e-Commerce today is too different from its real-life counterpart, and for the most part it's a "(More)
The availability of intense microbeam macromolecular crystallography beamlines at third-generation synchrotron sources has enabled data collection and structure solution from microcrystals of <10 µm in size. The increased likelihood of severe radiation damage where microcrystals or particularly sensitive crystals are used forces crystallographers to acquire(More)
This paper outlines some basic characteristics of digital rights management (DRM) systems, as well as the ways that DRM systems can threaten user privacy. The author asserts that consent-based privacy laws are alone insufficient to address privacy threats posed by DRM. The author suggests that privacy norms can be infused in DRM design and implementation(More)
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